Skills Alliance

Collaborating to create the standards of skills data networks

Dynamic CV Network

Standardization of the portability of skills data

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Time saved

A value for the people

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Human centric

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Today's problems

People don't have complete information on their skills

Organisations don't have complete information on people's skills

COVID-19 makes it challenging to put people back to work

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Time loss

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Loss of opportunities

The solution

A Human centric data network
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The dynamic CV network

Access to data from the university

Sending data to recruitment platforms and employers

Sharing data with learning & guidance apps

Sharing data to training organizations for better recommendations

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Time saved

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Better opportunities

Skills Alliance

A sectoral hub of aNewGovernance
  • Data control & portability through automated interfaces
  • Free circulation of skills by connecting data sources
  • Establisment of data circulation & protection standards
  • Collaboration with other sectors inside aNewGovernance (mobility, finance, retail...) to enable cross sector data sharing
  • Organizing the community and consortium to build the EU skills data space
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Separation of powers

Building a network that relies on open standards and clear principles
Seperation of powers for data portability

    No centralization of data

  • Respect of MyData principles
  • Open and plural governance of standards
  • Separation of powers between those who process data and those who manage authorisations
  • Operator interoperability
  • Services are independent of each other for data access and data flow
  • Open ecosystem

Our partners


The members of the Alliance collaborate to create the standards
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  • Use case testing
  • Business models
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Design & UX

  • Design frameworks
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Legal & governance

  • Data governance frameworks
  • Legal liability models
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  • Data exchange protocols
  • Permissions management protocols
  • Data models


Data network members decide who (organizations), what (data) and why (purposes)

Each data network votes on the standards (technical, legal, UX, business, ethical)

All data networks share the standards

Dynamic CV Network projects